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We help our clients define strategies for accelerated revenue, category mastery, and scaled distribution.
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Decode your differentiator and separate from the pack.

Build an efficient marketing strategy to reach customers.

Design a channel roadmap for market share growth.

Optimize systems and organizational strengths for profitable results.

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Korie Minkus
Korie Minkus | Founder Rock Your Product®
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Talented product-based CEOs, Founders, and Entrepreneurs inevitably get stuck. Businesses are challenged with disruptive market shifts, quick consumer behavior changes, and significant competitive threats. They do not generate the scale, profitability, and impact they are seeking to achieve.

We help business owners have access to proprietary systems and agile ways for massive growth breakthroughs because product companies that stay relevant can achieve speed to scale.

Join us to gain control of your business outcomes, get in action with our team of experts and be accountable to reach your destination. We have the tools; you have the talent.

to reach your destination. We have the tools; you have the talent.
Apply NOW and join our exclusive global network, proprietary development masterminds, and customize the success path you deserve.

Rodrigo Cortes
“I went from $190K USD per year to $550K USD in 18 months.
Now selling in the US market, I just closed five new distribution deals. Rock Your Product taught me how to find, negotiate, and position to win. Two years in the program and we will make $2.5M USD this year with these new established partnerships. You will be guided and learn skills you can cherish for the rest of your life.”

Rodrigo Cortes, Owner, Architect, and Designer
La Silla Acapulco la Original Manufacturer and Brand Owner Furniture, Switzerland

Welcome To Rock Your Product®

The #1 Global Product Business Advisory & Growth Training Company

100K Businesses Mentored Globally Live & Virtually
Fortune 500 Brands
200+ Brand Launched
5+Billion Dollars in Product Revenue
Rock Your Product® has trained over one hundred thousand businesses, worked with Fortune 500 companies, launched hundreds of brands globally, and generated billions in revenue.

We are a product-based team of accomplished brand strategies, product industry leaders, and scale experts.

We customize solutions for your product success and brand goals.

Our clients become confident industry leaders, triumphant entrepreneurs, and gain fast momentum by playing on a winning team.

Rock Your Product Recording
You launched your business to change the world or drive solutions for your audience.
Now, achieve exponential growth.
Charmane Andrews Skillen
“The Rock Your Product team really understands how to get the best out of people. We are on pace for a 80% increase in the first year.
We are now in almost 1000 retail stores in the US and managing sales of 200K units annually. The team is guiding us in offline distribution partnerships, an enhanced digital brand approach, and a foundation of sustainable profit as we take the company to an 8-figure revenue. We are better equipped to navigate our company through the next chapter of our expansion journey. They inspire us to reach farther and dig deeper”

Charmane Andrews Skillen, Founder and CEO
s.a.l.t. sisters – Manufacturer and Brand Owner, USA

Rock Your Product® Clients, Partners, Collaborators

World’s leading brands.

Consumer Products Companies | Digitally Native Brands
Direct to Retail Brands | Manufacturers | Retailers
Service Providers Launching Product | Technology Leaders

Korie has partnered with, or consulted for some of the world’s leading brands

The Rock Your Product® Proprietary System

Real People. Real Products. Real Brands.

Product industry experts on your team

Our team of industry experts, advisors and consultants work in harmony with our clients to deliver… more

Mentorship teaches leadership

Confident leaders attract the right partnerships, consumers, and collaborators. Together you will be… more

Take a quantum leap

As leading facilitators and trainers, we deliver action-oriented and full immersion programs that are… more

Immerse in the proprietary systems

Rock Your Product® was inspired by emerging brand owners and their desire for access to the same… more

Business is meant to be collaborative

Business ownership does not have to be a lonely road. Our clients discover aligned support systems… more

Unprecedented access

We have searched out, engaged, and played with the biggest, brightest, and best names in the industry… more

Rock Your Product® 12-Step Implementation System

Discovery, Mastery, And Integration.

Leading Growth System For Products

RYP Leading Growth System for Products
Rock Your Product® Core Philosophy Of Influence

The difference between a product and a legendary brand.


Establish sustainable financial practices with an investor growth mindset.


Design the systems to achieve optimal, repeatable & consistent wins.


Creating a framework to attract more customers, hyper focusing on your brand story & purpose.


Combine online and offline revenue creating a seamless brand experience to drive sales.


Brand loyalty establishes credibility factors that deliver relevance and a consistent promise.


Get uncomfortable to get unstoppable and drive business growth to create a legacy brand.

Impact the world with your products!

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Ashley Black
Korie is in a league of her own!
The perfect blend of authenticity and down to business!
Ashley Black

#1 CEO, Founder and Inventor of the patented FasciaBlaster®, a 9-figure Digitally Native Brand, ABA’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020, a TEDx speaker, #1 bestselling author, with over 4M loyal followers, and 1 trillion media impressions.

Korie is very sincere, seasoned from corporate branding to entrepreneur experiences, and she has a very tenacious attitude to help you succeed. Over the years I’ve worked with her, she’s helped millions of people take their ideas and their businesses not just to the next step, but to transformational levels.
Kevin Harrington

Inventor of the Infomercial, Original Shark from Shark Tank, As Seen On TV Pioneer

Kevin Harrington
The more you share with the universe, the more the universe will share with you.

Korie Minkus

Korie Minkus, is an American entrepreneur, advocate for business founders, and a culture shifter. She is the CEO of Industry Rockstar® and the Founder of Rock Your Product® launched in 2017; The #1 Global Product Business Advisory & Growth Training Company.

As a leading global brand strategist and product-based business-scale expert, Korie spent twenty-five years as a consumer product Fortune 500 thought-action executive, prior to starting Rock Your Product®.

With a passionate heart-centered approach, Korie inspires, consults, and mentors’ entrepreneurs. She has trained over fifty thousand businesses, delivering results through award-winning systems, generating profitable market share growth.

Korie leads business owners to strategic clarity and confident decision-making by providing proven tools for measurable scale.

Korie Minkus
Book Be...
In their first book together, based on the Rock Your Product® system, Best-selling Author Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken weave together holistic principles of self-discovery with proven proprietary business philosophies and product-to-market formula. The authors, featured on The Today Show, CNBC’s The Profit, Extra, Forbes, and more, have generated billions in revenue, launched hundreds of products, and scaled well-recognized brands while expertly navigating the competitive marketplace.
Published by Simon & Schuster
February 2022
After delivering over 5000 sales and partnership pitch presentations and conducting international business training in 27 countries, the Rock Your Product® Mentorship methods have reached over 100,000 businesses.
Korie is charismatic, she is powerful, and persuasive.
Les Brown, World’s Leading & Most Renowned Motivational Speakers
Les Brown
Our clients become confident industry leaders, define their market strengths, and accelerate transformation to meet goals faster.

Award Winning & Proven Results

Identify Customer Needs Met and Unmet

Build Loyal Fans

Driving Market Rapport and Leadership

Increase Revenue Leveraging Current Customers

Achieve High-Performance

Outcomes Launch New Product & Services Driving Immediate Impact

Align Resources for ROI

More Results and Value Add

Confident Leadership Accountability

Customized Branding For Your Consumer Journey

Improve Business Performance Agility

Reach Beyond Current Business Effectively

Take The Guess Work Out

Reduce Costs With Less Pitfalls

Build Systems That Drive Automation Repeatable Wins

Claudia Ludowing
In 18 months, we grew 800%. I am currently scaling human capital, moving into a new corporate facility, and investing in equipment to ship globally.”
Before I started my kids birthday party subscription box business, I was in corporate for 15 years. When I engaged with Rock Your Product, I had started my business six months prior. I had some basics in place including a logo, my target market, and our companies unique value proposition. I had sold a few products on our website, but had little market penetration and needed to grow. We focused on two areas of growth in distribution expansion and strategic partnerships. The hands-on coaching was very tactical which allowed me to implement right away. In 18 months, we grew 800%. I am currently scaling human capital, moving into a new corporate facility, and investing in equipment to ship globally. I learned to ‘just do it’, and results will follow. It did!”

Claudia Ludowig, Founder
in a box – Party Subscription Box, Germany

Rock Your Product® In Partnership With
Industry Rockstar® And Kevin Harrington
Industry Rockstar

15 years of achievement

Million professionals worldwide impacted by Industry Rockstar’s methods and mentorships
Countries and 2000+ presentations delivered
Businesses currently in their mentorship program
Awards won by our companies for our business practices

Kane and Alessia are arguably the most impactful business mentors on the planet – having reached over 3 million business owners online, and 600,000 offline.

Their award-winning strategies cover key business aspects: strategy, marketing, sales, leadership and technology.

Kane, together with his business partner Alessia have owned and operated over 40 of their own companies, turning over more than $300 million.

They have won over 30 awards for their business practices – making them one of the most trusted and effective business coaches on the planet.

Delivered over 2,000 business growth trainings in 32 different countries – making Kane and Alessia one of the most highly sought-after business coaches.

Kane & Alessia with Richard Branson
Industry Rockstar Gallery

Personally hosted Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Randi Zuckerberg, Vishen Lakhiani and Tim Ferris. Spoken with world and thought leaders including President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Lisa Nichols and Bob Proctor.

Kevin Harrington
Special Guest Advisor

Kevin Harrington


Created multiple business ventures that have produced more than $5 billion in global sales.

Korie and Kane are friends of mine and I have been working with them for years. They have trained over 3M businesses to transformational levels. They are very sincere, seasoned in branding, and have a very tenacious attitude for success.

The Rock Your Product® team has generated Billions of Dollars of sales across hundreds of products!

Shark Tank Team
Kevin Harrington– US Shark, Alessia Minkus, Kane Minkus, Korie Minkus, Marcus Dantus– Mexico Shark

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