BE... Book Cover
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Published by Simon & Schuster
February 2022
BE... from Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity
It’s not your ordinary business book. It’s a hybrid of personal development, self-transformation, and a deep activation of the female entrepreneurial spirit. A shared vision uniquely co-authored by three accomplished women, BE… is a labor of love from their combined decades of professional experiences and entrepreneurial journeys. Delivered as a tell-all, BE… is the best practices and methods to launch and scale a successful physical product business.

In their first book together, based on the Rock Your Product┬« system, Best-selling Author Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken weave together holistic principles of self-discovery with proven proprietary business philosophies and product-to-market formulas. The authors, featured on The Today Show, CNBC’s The Profit, Extra, Forbes, and more, have generated billions in revenue, launched hundreds of products, and scaled well-recognized brands while expertly navigating the competitive marketplace.

Written for women by women, BE… is the modern guide for female entrepreneurs at every stage of business. The authors lyrically synthesize their personal stories, interview masters in their respective fields, and collaborate with celebrity entrepreneurs with passion and purpose. The result is a groundbreaking book–a truth serum, a collection of industry secrets, and a blueprint for creating a prosperous physical product business.

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