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These Enrollment Terms and Conditions form a part of Rock Your Product®, LLC’s Enrollment Agreement. This applies to private consulting or any group training you have selected and specified in the Global Advisory Mentorship Enrollment Agreement and for which you wish to enroll (the “Advisory, Mentorship, Masterminds, Consulting, & Training”), to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions issued or stipulated by anyone other than Rock Your Product®, LLC Enrollment Terms and Conditions.

In these terms and conditions, all references to “us”, “our” and “we” mean Rock Your Product®.

1. Money Back Guarantee

When you participate fully for two years in every aspect of the Advisory Mentorship course (including going through all online education provided, attending all planned group coaching calls, attending all live training events, completing all private coaching calls, or anything else presented as compulsory for your mentorship tier), if you don’t grow your business or earn back your investment in the course, Rock Your Product® will refund your money. The main contract holder’s business (not the program partner) is under the guarantee only. To be eligible for this refund you must present proof of your participation in the entire program in all aspects, and proof that you took action on each part and the results or lack of that those actions produced. To apply for a refund after the 2-year commencement date you must advise the CFO of Rock Your Product® in writing within 30-days from the end of the contract date, via email at  At that point only, the executive team will review your request. No other refunds are granted for students, clients, and enrolled parties that change their minds, change their heart, change their situation, or chose not to participate fully in the program outside of the cooling-off period.

2. Payment For Enrollments – Paid in Full Option

You must pay in full at the time of your enrollment to qualify for the special ‘paid in full’ pricing. If this condition is not met, you will be placed on a waiting list and not considered enrolled until you complete full payment for the program you enrolled in. After 7 days the Retail Value price and applicable program interest charges will apply for any additional payments. If your payment is not received within the 7 days, you will be either downgraded to a lower package, or your mentorship will be put on hold until full payment is received.

3. Enrollment Deposit – Payment Plan Option

We will not accept your enrollment until we receive a payment from you equal to or greater than the minimum deposit. If your enrollment deposit is not equal to the minimum deposit required (30% of your package), this amount will be held in credit and will not be refunded outside of the cooling off period. No Mentorship benefits or services begin until contract is fully paid.

4. Payment For Enrollments – Payment Plan Option

You must advise us of your financial details on the date of your enrollment for a payment plan to be set up. Should these details not be provided we reserve the right to cancel your enrollment within 7 days and a refund will not be available. Your final tier payment must be received by us at least 30 days prior to attending any live Seminar. Payment plan options carry an interest penalty (10% for a 3-month payment plan option & 15% for a 6-month payment plan option) on 100% of the balance carried after the deposit into a payment plan. Further payment penalties will apply if late payments of these payment plans. Payment should be set up for automatic

5. Changing A Payment Plan

Any changes to your payment plan must be received in writing to 10-days prior to your next scheduled debit date. Refunds will not be given due to your failure to notify us within this time frame.

6. Completion Term

All private calls, live events, training, and consulting included on this form must be completed within 2 years from the original date of the enrollment as shown in this agreement. There will be no credit for calls or events not completed within this time frame.

7. Live or Virtual Seminar Changes

If for any reason we deem it necessary to change the seminar dates, venue, speaker, content, title or hours we may do so by notifying you in writing up to 7 days before any LIVE event – of the changes we need to make. In this case you retain the right to reschedule your enrollment in these events, without penalty. You agree to release us from any additional travel costs or change fees due to the event change. We change as little as possible and historically have changed almost no event dates. Events could shift from LIVE to virtual, if travel is not allowed, permitted, or safe.

8. If You Choose to Cancel or Reschedule Your Enrollment, During the Cooling-Off Period

Should you elect to cancel or reschedule your enrollment, during the cooling-off period, Rock Your Product® will not be able to avoid the costs involved for your original commitment. For this reason, we charge a fee for the cancellation or rescheduling of your enrollment as indicated below. All requests to cancel or reschedule your enrollment must be received by Rock Your Product® in writing or email at

9. Cancelling Your Enrollment Within The 5 Day Cooling-off Period

If you choose to cancel your enrollment for any reason within 5 business days of completing this form (the “cooling-off period”), then we will refund you the total amount you have paid to us less a 10% administrative fee and the value of any physical or digital products received. Please note all product is non-refundable. Please allow up to 10 business days after your refund has been approved for your refund to be processed.

10. Cancelling Your Enrollment After The 5 Day Cooling-off Period

If you choose to cancel your enrollment for any reason after the 5-business day cooling-off period, you will receive a credit only. Credits may not be claimed as refunds; but may be applied towards an enrollment in any other seminar or product offered by Rock Your Product® within 12 months.

11. Enrollment Cancellation and Product Costs

Products and bonus items are non-returnable outside of the cooling-off period. If you choose to cancel your enrollment for any reason within the cooling off period, the value of any product and bonus items received with your enrollment will be deducted from any credit that you may be eligible for. Product and bonus item values are:

Product Value of Product
Mentorship Website – Digital Product $6000

12. Rescheduling Your Enrollment

If you choose to delay your mentorship start date, you will have up to 1-year to initiate a new start date. All payments are still due in the normal timely manner, even though the start date might be delayed. Any reschedule of live events is subject to seats being available in the next seminar with the same speaker(s) and topic(s). You agree that Rock Your Product® may not convene the same seminar again and there is no obligation on Rock Your Product® to do so. Any event purchase that is re-scheduled from the original date selected, must be rescheduled to an event within 12-months of the original purchase, if not done so the purchase and fees will be forfeited.

13. Failure To Attend A Seminar

If you fail to attend a seminar in which you are enrolled in then you will forfeit the full cost of that enrollment and a credit is not available. You will be welcome to join the same seminar the next time it is delivered, however you will be responsible for attending the seminar (possibly in another location than your local territory) and with any additional travel fees fully responsible to you.

14. Product Warranty (if applicable)

If any product that you receive with your enrollment is found to be faulty, our only obligation to you is to replace the faulty product within 10 business days of your written request and return of faulty product. This is for online digital or offline physical products.

15. Partner Discount (if applicable)

If you have enrolled in this event as the partner of a full fee-paying participant and you have received a partner discount on the seminar, should your full fee-paying partner cancel, your discount will no longer apply and you will be required to pay the full fee for the course. Should your full fee-paying partner change to a payment plan then your discount will be the payment plan discount price. Partner Discount is only for spouse, defacto spouse, or formal business partner nominated at the time of the enrollment agreement. If your program partner drops out of the program mid-program, there will be no replacement partner accepted.

16. Intellectual Property

All material relating to the Rock Your Product® Program for which you are enrolling, whether presented online or offline, is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. The copyright in all such materials remains the property of Rock Your Product® and no material may be recorded, used or reproduced, without the written permission of the copyright owner. You agree not, at any time, to do anything that would infringe the intellectual property rights in such materials.

17. Photos & Videos at Live events

From time to time at Rock Your Product®, live events Professional Photography and/or Videography will be used to capture the event. You agree that your participation in any Rock Your Product® event might result in you being capture in a photo or video. You hereby give Rock Your Product® the full right to use your likeness in any photo or video that IR chooses to use in marketing campaigns with no further responsibility for clearing the rights of use of that picture or video with you, even though your image of likeness might be captured in the photo or video.

18. General

The laws of the state of Arizona, USA govern this agreement. Should any part of this agreement be determined by a court to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement will be unaffected. This agreement may not be varied except with the written approval of a director of Rock Your Product®. All terms, conditions, and warranties implied by statute that are excludable are excluded from this agreement. Such terms, conditions, and warranties implied by statute that are not excludable are not excluded from this agreement but our liability for breach of such conditions and warranties implied by statute that are not excludable is limited to the total amount paid by you to Rock Your Product®, under this agreement.

19. Arbitration & Release of Litigation

In the case of any dispute arising under this agreement which cannot be resolved by reasonable discussion, both parties agree to forgo any litigation, and instead engage the services of a professional mediator, agreed upon by the parties, and attempt in good faith to resolve the dispute through confidential mediation. Any and all disputes and final resolution are agreed to be maintained in confidentiality indefinitely.

20. Mutual Non-Disparagement

You agree that you will refrain from any defamation, libel or slander of the officers, executives or leaders or Rock Your Product®, or refrain from the use of any trademark or likeness, and agree to not create any tortious interference with the contracts of other Rock Your Product® students, clients, partnerships, relationships, vendors, or future prospects, creating any economic damage and you will not disrupt Rock Your Product® business in any manner online or offline.

21. Financial Disclaimer

Any financial information presented at any Rock Your Product® events is prepared and presented as entertainment and information only. If any information or advice that may constitute financial advice is given at or in relation to an event, such financial advice is not authorized or endorsed by Rock Your Product® and does not constitute financial advice given by Rock Your Product®,

If we can be of any assistance to you our contact details are:

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